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Simpsonville House & Soft Washing

Love Your Home Again

Experience why your neighbors in Simpsonville choose Legacy Power & Soft Washing to help protect their legacy.

"Reggie was amazing!!!! He went above and beyond our expectations. He is a perfectionist with his work and won't stop working on an area until he is satisfied with the way it came out (us as well). He is a super nice guy and we felt blessed that we got Reggie to help us make our home look amazing before we put it on the market. Thank you Reggie!!!"

Tami P. via Home Advisor
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Safe & Effective Simpsonville House Washing

When you pull up on your driveway, does your home siding look like it used to? Or has it fallen victim to that green stuff that now seems to cover the original color of your siding?

If this sounds like you don’t worry — it's quite common. But it's also important that your home siding is cleaned properly and professionally to help improve the appearance of your home siding and help contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for your family. That is what Legacy Power & Soft Washing is here for.

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Soft Washing

You might have heard the term ‘soft washing’ used before when referring to pressure washing. But what is soft washing and what are the benefits of it when it comes to cleaning your home siding? We’re glad you asked.

Soft washing is the process of using a low-pressure system combined with a cleaning solution that will safely and effectively wash your home siding. If you use a regular pressure washer for your home siding, it can cause significant damage to your home — it can even go as far as blowing a hole into your siding. This is why it is recommended to use a professional to clean your home siding for you.

Soft washing on home vinyl siding in progress in Simpsonville, SCHouse after professional soft washing in Simpsonville

Our Simpsonville Soft Washing Service

At Legacy Power & Soft Washing, we utilize the soft pressure washing method for cleaning your home siding in the safest and most effective way. We appreciate how important it is to keep your property safe. That is why we do a full walk-around first, taking photographs for your reference so that you can see the before and after results. We make sure that everything is kept the way it should be, this includes watering your plants and making sure they are fully protected from any chemicals used too.

The Soft Washing Process


First, we will do a full walk around your property to see what we are working with and what needs to be protected.


Next, we take photographs and identify anything that is broken before starting.


After that, we water your plants and make sure they are not affected or harmed by the chemicals.


Before we start the soft washing, we ensure that your property is fully protected.


Using our commercial low-pressure machine, we begin the soft washing.


We then apply our professional cleaning solution to your home siding.


After this, we rinse your home siding carefully with water.


When we are finished, we make sure that your home exterior is the same as we found it, except with beautifully clean home siding!

Our Soft Washing Promise To You

We promise that your home siding will look its best after your home soft wash. We follow our step-by-step process to achieve this for you. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the work carried out, we will make it right for you.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Revive Your Home exterior

See your home siding transformed with our professional soft washing service

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